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Chris Pettit has had his best foot forward since being named Traffic Controller of the year 2018. He has been working diligently to honour this year’s award and is very excited to show the country he’s earned it. Recently, he’s been working around the clock to keep the city of Darwin safe during a number of on-going projects which Arafura Traffic Control has taken on. He’s even been working into the night to get the work done for Arafura’s Line Marking team who are currently working on a number of large projects across Darwin. During the day, Chris is busy driving around to every Arafura site in the city and making sure work is up to standard. As a supervisor, Chris makes an excellent leader. Whether it’s as a helping hand on a lane closure, or a re-vamp of an entire site, Chris’s WZ1 Certification is being put to good use.

Chris has been throwing his wand into the ring for various nightshift projects and public events. He’s helped out with weekend events including a bike marathon and an in-house training course hosted by Arafura. It takes a lot to commit your evenings and weekends to your work, and it’s this kind of dedication that is so highly respected in the industry. It’s this dedication that got him up on that stage at the TMAA Conference 2018.

We sat down with Chris to see where his head’s been at since the big win, and this is what he had to say:

The TCOY award was not something I expected to even be nominated for, let alone win, so it was a huge surprise when they announced my name that evening. We had a great night at the conference and I just want to say thank you to everyone who was involved in making it happen, it was a huge honour. Since the conference, it’s just been business as usual – lots of work happening around Darwin at the moment now that we’re coming into the dry season, so it’s been busy. Although, it was busy all wet season too!”

With eyes on the horizon, Chris is looking forward to all the public events that come with the NT’s dry season. As in previous years, Chris hopes to be back on traffic control duty for all the big events. One thing Chris always mentions when it comes to working events is how much he appreciates seeing the crowds of people all enjoying themselves.

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